SIMstarter NG

SIMstarter NG


SIMstarter NG – Most simmers are flying different aircraft in different scenarios and locations.
The problem is that each of these combinations needs another simulator configuration to get
the best performance, reduce the probability of Out Of Memory issues and show the scenery at
its best. SIMstarter NG solves that problem, using profiles that set the simulator just as you
want it.
SIMstarter NG has a "Flight Control Center" to create these profiles and configuration sets.
Another benefit of NG is that you stay in control of your configuration because SIMstarter NG
handles your configuration (a copy of it). With every simulator start you will have a nice and
clean simulator configuration. In addition, almost any setting can be changed using a nice
interface so you do not need to edit config files. NG also has a Livery Manager which allows
you to import aircraft liveries by click or show all your installed add-on airports in Google Earth.
NG allows you to create profiles for your simulator with different settings. For example, you can
create a profile for VFR flights in one region with a lot of eye candy and another for your IFR
flights with less Autogen objects, a different scenery and so on. In addition, NG includes a lot of
other helpful tools to manage your simulator configuration.

SIMstarter NG is the next generation of the older freeware tool SIMstarter. SIMstarter NG allows you to create 99.999 profiles for different scenarios, configurations, scenery settings, running different programs etc. Each profile can be combined with each configuration set which makes NG much more flexible to use and much more comfortable. Nearly 90% of the old code of SIMstarter has been rewritten. SIMstarter was based on FSX and then expanded to FSX:SE and Prepar3D but it was never intended to work with different simulators. NG was developed from the ground up to be compatible with FSX and Prepar3D.



• Define up to 999 independent Start profiles to start FSX/Prepar3D
• JumpStart to jump into a saved flight in combination with a SIMstarter profile
• All settings of FSX and Prepar3D can be configured with mouse-click for each profile
• Select preconfigured tweaks for FSX and Prepar3D
• Create individual ScenerySets for each profile to disable sceneries which are not needed
• Create individual start definitions and file operations (copy, rename, delete files) for every profile including exit program when Simulator has been exited
• Create individual XML-Set for DLL.XML and EXE.XML for FSX and PREPAR3D
• Define standard flights for every profile
• All changes will be documented in the logbook
• Create shortcuts to desktop for every profile
• Including Livery Manager to sort or hide liveries
• Sort and validate configuration files like FSX.CFG
• Diff Manager which manages changes that have been done by other programs
• TextInfo Manager to easily define TextInfo and SlewTextInfos
• Google Earth Export to show all your add-on sceneries in Google Earth
• Clear your joystick controls for home cockpit users
• Select individual splash screens for every profile
• SIMstarterClient to start programs on a remote computer

System requirements