Pacific Islands of WW2 vol.1 for FSX

Pacific Islands of WW2 vol.1 for FSX

RealWorld Scenery

World War 2 was a moment in time when the whole world stood still, Realworld scenery is bringing you a few of the great stepping stone islands in the conflict that led to the eventual victory in the pacific by the Allied Forces. Here you can fly the same airfields the allies fought for and won bringing an end to the terrible war. So suit up in your bomber jacket, Grab the throttles of your B-29 and take to the skys knowing you might not make it back, and if you do, theres only a few places in the middle of this giant ocean you can safely land!



-completely reworked airfields for
Andersen AFB - PGUA - GUAM
Saipan International Airport - PGSN - Northern Marianas Islands
Rota International Airport - PGRO - Northern Marianas Islands
Tinian International Airport - PGWT - Northern Marianas Islands
Central Field or Iwo Jima Air Base - RJAW -Japan

-Islands included are
Iwo Jima

-Mesh correction for all islands, true to form
-Blendmasks bring out the beauty of the coastlines and shallow water

System requirements

Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Windows 8 (any version), Windows 7 (any version), Vista (any version)/XP (any version).
32 bit and 64 bit Windows are both fully supported. if you are running Windows 7 or Vista, please TURN OFF "USER ACCOUNT CONTROL". This feature of Win 7 & Vista can affect installation of a number of programs.
Any system capable of running Microsoft Flight Simulator X
1 Gb RAM as a minimum but we recommend 2 Gb or more.
Enough disk storage to hold the scenery, will vary upon how many areas you have installed