Live For Speed (LFS)

Live For Speed (LFS)

LFS S2 is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving. It is therefore highly recommended to drive the sim with a steering wheel, because even though you can use keyboard and/or mouse, a wheel is what you use in a real car, so a wheel should be used in a serious racing simulator. Especially when going online, where fast reactions are required.

In S2 you can race alone or against the AI, but the real fun is to be found online, in multiplayer mode. Racing against real people is simply the best thing and LFS makes it easy for you to do so. There are also several online racing leagues you can take part in, if you are looking for something with a more competitive edge.

The file download is available at (you will need a license key sent by us to unlock the full product):
S2 mirror link nr. 1:
S2 mirror link nr. 2
S2 mirror link nr. 3
S2 mirror link nr. 4
S2 mirror link nr. 6
S2 mirror link nr. 7
S2 mirror link nr. 8
S2 mirror link nr. 15
S2 mirror link nr. 16
S2 mirror link nr. 17

Official website and support for LFS:

Due to the nature of the downloadable product we don't offer refund

A serious simulator obviously requires a very good physics simulation to provide the thrill and fun of real racing. This is done by simulating all aspects that are important to racing. LFS S2 is the second step towards our vision of what the sim must become and already does a very good job in simulating real racing. Many racing aspects are covered - comprehensive setup possibilities, fuel usage, tyre wear, a lot of different surface types, intriguing racing environments, different car classes, etc. All these aspects make sure you have enough to practise with and spend time on learning the flow of the tracks. Additionally, don't forget to plan your pitstops - find out how much fuel your car uses on a track and how are your tyres behaving on any track, with your driving style. All aspects you will have to think about in real racing and as such you need to think about them in S2 as well.

For setups and organized racing events visit our racing forum here

Patch Y

- New car - Formula BMW FB02
- Updated South City track
- Updated Blackwood track
- Improved AI drivers
- Improved Physics
- Interface updates
- New training lessons

Three ways to get Patch Y :

1) AUTO UPDATER - If you already have version V, W or X :

- Click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Games" in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) MANUAL PATCH - If you already have version X :

- Click here and save the patch into your LFS folder.
- With the patch correctly positioned in your LFS folder, run it and select "Yes to all" when asked about overwriting files.

3) FULL VERSION - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.

Step 3:
Go to and create an account

Step 4:
Paste your license key into the voucher code field

Step 5:
By following the instructions within the game unlock the product.

How to upgrade to the full version in five easy steps:
Step 1:
Download LFS S2 FULL (links below)

Step 2:
Purchase a license by clicking on the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this page. We will send you a license key that you will need to unlock your product.



Live For Speed (LFS)
Live For Speed (LFS)






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