E-Jets v2 World Airliners 2 (FSX)

E-Jets v2 World Airliners 2 (FSX)

McPhat Studios

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"I can honestly say that the McPhat liveries are so essential to this aircraft that I purchased them myself separately. The McPhat liveries take the E-Jets models to a different level.", is what AVSIM Staff Reviewer David Rogers said two years ago about the textures we did for the E-Jet v1.

But, if that was two years ago... Imagine what we came up with now on the E-Jet v2...

Ten Normal Definition liveries for the feelThere Embraer Regional Jet (v2), created in close cooperation with FeelThere. It is this close cooperation, which has brought you not just an updated E-Jet v1, but two completely new models, the ERJ-175 and ERJ-195. Where the E-Jet v1 lacked bump and specular mapping, we couldn't go without them on the the E-Jet v2. It are these effects that give the E-Jet the dynamica it always deserved.

With a 'out of the box', stock 90+ pixel per meter ratio, which is one of the highest ratios (more than Captain Sim's stock 757), you can expect textures as sharp as they can be, without being HD. This combined with our signature style, our highly acclaimed textures and our devotion to bring you the best, you may expect what you have come accustomed to from us : Textures that bring your add-on to the next level.


  • Air Canada (100th Embraer special livery), ERJ-175SU
  • Air Canada, ERJ-175SU
  • NWA Airlink, ERJ-175LR
  • Arkia, ERJ-195LR
  • Delta Connection (New Colours), ERJ-175LR
  • Flybe, ERJ-195LR
  • LOT 600th Embraer special livery, ERJ-175LR
  • LOT, ERJ-175LR
  • Montenegro, ERJ-195LR
  • Poland Government, ERJ-175LR


Embraer E-Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and Embraer 195



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