DC-9 Flightdecks

DC-9 Flightdecks

McPhat Studios

The base pack of the Flight1/Coolsky DC-9 contains only the 2048 version of our Blue Flight deck. In this pack however, you will also find a grey version and a brown (or tan as some like to call it) version and not only in 2048, but also in 4096. We also added the UHDT version of the Blue Flight deck. The installer lets you conveniently pick which colour you'd like to install and what size. May it be the Ultra High Definition 4096 version, showing razor sharp textures, or the slightly less, but still High Definition 2048 maps.

The difference in performance between the 4096 and 2048 are marginal. Especially in fps, you will see almost no difference. You might experience slightly faster (initial) loading times with the 2048 version and for those of you that have a large amount of FS add-ons running simultaneously, this might be the best choice. For those users with high end rigs AND not loading up their Sim with a dozen of add-ons, we advice the best, in this case the 4096 version! No matter how you look at it, if you can run the base pack DC-9 Classic, you can run these too!

This pack is build to work with our Ultra High Definition World Airliners and Freeware liveries. However, with some manual copying, they work with the Normal Definition stock liveries as well, as well as 3rd party freeware liveries. We do NOT support this, but we do explain how to do this, here.



Livery list:
· Blue Variation (4096)
· Grey Variation (4096 + 2048)
· Brown Variation (4096 + 2048)

System requirements

Flight1/Coolsky DC-9 CLASSIC
Windows - Windows XP or Vista
Processor - 2.6 GHz
Memory - 1 Gb Min., 2 Gb RAM Recommended
Video Card - 256 Mb
Free space - TBA