Alco RS-11 Road Switcher

Alco RS-11 Road Switcher

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The RS-11 was build by Alco in the early 1956 as a diesel electric locomotive and classified as a road switcher. With 1,800 hp, two axle trucks with B-B wheel arrangement the RS11 was Alco’s answer to the GP9 produced by EMD.
Advantages of the RS11 were faster acceleration because of turbo charging and a higher tractive effort rating. The locomotive could be found in heavy haul freight as well as passenger services.
In over eight years production time 425 units were build for the American and Mexican market. A few examples of this model are still in service and could be found working for various railroads in the US.

- Alco RS-11
- Build from 1956 to 1964
- 425 units produced
- B-B / two axle trucks
- V12 / 1000 rpm max. / 1800 hp



The package includes 4 scenarios for the Horseshoe Curve route.
Scenario #1
Cresson Shunter, 30 min, medium
You will be assembling an outgoing consist in this scenario. It´s a cold winter’s day and the weather might turn to the bad ...
Scenario #2
Short Freightrun, 35 min, easy
Starting at South Fork you will take a broken down freight train to Johnstown. The weather is good and this should be an easy run to get familiar with the engine.
Scenario #3
Night Run, 40 min, hard
You will deliver a heavy load from Altoona to Gallitzin. It won´t be easy to keep your train under control, so be careful.
Scenario #4
Unusual Job, 40 min, medium
A construction site in Cresson needs the daily supply of workers and materials. You will bring a special train from Johnstown to Cresson.

System requirements

All vehicles in this package are completely compatible RW3 / TS2012!