Baureihe 111 Regio EL

Baureihe 111 Regio EL

Virtual Railroads

The package contains the locomotive BR111, the BDnrzf driving trailer
and the ABn / Bn coaches in trafficred / Regio.
Also included are 3 scenarios for the route Hagen-Siegen.
The 2nd class coach Bn uses a Passengerview.

With the purchase of virtual railroads DB BR111 you will receive a vehicle for RailWorks 4 that
mirrors very closely the operation and performance of the real Deutsche Bahn locomotive
within the limits of the host simulator. Accordingly, it is important to spend a certain
amount of time learning how to operate the locomotive.

Please read the manual to operate the locomotive.

You can find the manual after installation in the folder:

All vehicles in this package are completely compatible to RW4 / TS2013!



Three scenarios are included:

Scenario 1

* Hagen - Siegen
* Level Hard
* Duration 45 Min.

Regional train from Finnentrop to Siegen

Scenario 2

* Hagen - Siegen
* Level easy
* Duration 70 Min.

Regional train from Welschen Ennest to Hagen and back to Siegen

Scenario 3

* Hagen - Siegen
* Free Roam

System requirements

All vehicles in this package are completely compatible RW3 / TS2012!