DB Class 120 TEE

DB Class 120 TEE

Virtual Railroads

The download package contains the long-distance traffic locomotive BR120
in the TEE colours of the 80s.

The package includes two driveable locomotives.

A locomotive uses the system of the dynamic numbers in Railworks,
the other locomotive has the number accompanying for the locomotive of the Deutsche Bahn.

The BR120 is equipped with a realistic speed control system AFB.

Please read the manual to operate the locomotive.

You can find the manual after installation in the folder:

The also included coaches Apmz / Bpmz are painted in the TEE colours of the DB of the 80th.
Apmz / 1st class coach and Bpmz / 2nd class coach have a passengerview you can access with Key 5 in the game.

All vehicles in this package are completely compatible to RW3 / TS2012!



Two scenarios are included:

Scenario 1

* Hagen - Siegen
* Level Hard
* Duration 45 Min.

Drive a freight train to Kreuztal. It is autumn and rainy.
There is a track construction site so it won´t be a high speed trip.

Scenario 2

* Hagen - Siegen
* Level Medium
* Duration 80 Min.

150 years route Ruhr - Sieg. Today two special trains drive from Hagen to
Siegen and vice versa. You drive the train to Hagen.
Enjoy the the trip with your train from epoque 4.

System requirements

All vehicles in this package are completely compatible RW3 / TS2012!