ICE 1 DB Class 401 Redesign

ICE 1 DB Class 401 Redesign

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The ICE 1 is the first in series built highspeed train oft he DB.
Since 1991 this 280 km/h fast train runs on german tracks. He can have 14 carriages
and can be 411 meters long. He is the longest highspeed train in Germany.
Later version (ICE 2 and 3) are shorter but they can drive coupled in two parts. The
ICE 1 cant´t drive coupled.
From 2005 to 2008 all ICE 1 were rebuilt. This version were named as Redesign.
The ICE 1 in this add-on is such a redesign. You can see this in the passenger views.
There you will find the new interior.
The ICE 1 railcars has two motor heads (401), 1. Class carriages (801), 2. Class
carriages (802), service-car (803) and a restaurant car (804).



The downloadpackage contains 2 power cars, 3 x 1. class coaches, 1 x servicecoach, 1 restaurantcoach, 7 x 2. class coaches

The package contains the ICE 1 redesigned. The vehicle has a programmed, realistic AFB function integrated. For more information please dwonload the manual from this site.

2 x BR401 / ICE1
3 x Apmz 1. class
1 x Apmbsz Servicecoach
1 x Wsmz Restaurant- and Bistrocoach
7 x Bpmz 2. class

System requirements

All vehicles in this package are completely compatible RW3 / TS2012!