FS Instant Approach PRO: FSX Runway Approach Maker


FS Instant Approach PRO: FSX Runway Approach Maker


FS Instant Approach PRO works with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. It has several useful, fun features - the most powerful is the ability to put you on approach at any runway in the world in a matter of seconds. You decide on the runway, select your options and press the 'connect' button in FS Instant Approach PRO, at which point Flight Simulator will place you on approach to that runway! Take a look at the features...

This new version, FS Instant Approach PRO, adds a whole new level of fun to your flights with Flight Simulator. You can put yourself "On Approach" to any runway in the world in seconds! Set yourself up 'on final' or ready to intersect final approach, from any angle, for a more challenging flight. For a tougher assignment, set up to fly the traffic pattern approach to any runway, beginning at the start of the 'downwind' leg of the pattern.

Briefly, what's new in FS Instant Approach PRO?

FS Instant Approach PRO builds on the popular FS Instant Approach by introducing a host of new features that can set up varied and challenging approaches in just seconds!

- A new feature lets you set up an approach which intersects your final approach from any angle you choose. This was previously limited to 45 degrees.

- Begin your approach at the start of the 'Downwind' leg of the traffic pattern at any runway. Fly left or right traffic - the choice is yours!

- When you have finished your approach and want to fly another, there is no longer any need to exit Flight Simulator and return to FS Instant Approach. You can 'restart the approach' by simply flipping your airplane's panel lights from off to on, and... another approach will begin!
What's more, if you set up visibility and wind using the new random settings introduced in PRO, you will get a different challenge each time!

- Optionally set the specific altitude of your approach using MSL or now AAL (Above Airfield Level). Very useful to quickly set 'pattern altitude'.

- Lots of folks are enjoying the function to approach a random airport with FS Instant Approach. You can now filter random airport selection by runway surface. How about landing on sand today?! Planks tomorrow?

- Now you can specify that only the slick 'detailed' airports supplied with FSX Deluxe or FSX Acceleration will be included in random selection.

- The Flight Plan screen now includes a handy detailed diagram showing which approach types are available to set up with FS Instant Approach PRO at your selected runway.

- For those who like variety and challenges, the wind can now be set to a random strength and direction. This will keep you on your toes and is a great way to fly a whole host of very different approaches in minutes.

- Low visibility is always a challenge - now you can set it to a random distance that will automatically vary with each new approach! Who knows what you will be facing next time?



FS Instant Approach PRO gives you the opportunity to instantly practice approaches and landings at any runway in the world!

You have three types of approach to choose from:

-- On Final You will start your approach lined up with the runway
-- Intersect Final You will begin flying a course that will intersect your final approach
-- Downwind You will begin at the start of the Downwind leg of the traffic pattern

System requirements

Works with FSX and FS2004.