Easy FMC (FS9)


Easy FMC (FS9)

For Flight Simulator 2004 by Eric Marciano

If you want to fly with a Flight Management Computer (FMC) without installing and updating a navigation database,
If you want to use a FMC without having to read tons of manual,
If you think flying an airliner with a Garmin GPS is not realistic but you enjoy its flight guidance,
If you want to take advantage of advanced automated systems,
Then EasyFMC is for you !!
What is EasyFMC?
As its name says, EasyFMC is a simplified Flight Management Computer that can be easily installed and used with any aircraft
in FS2004 and FSX. As a simplified FMC, it does not provide all the advanced features of an realistic FMC, but it lets you enter
a flight plan from scratch (departure and arrival airports and runways, waypoints along the route), it provides lateral
navigation to guide your flight along the programmed route and also provides fancy additional features, such as full support
for DIRECT operations and radio-nav autotuning. Any flight plan created with EasyFMC can be saved and can be used for flying
with the FS2004/FSX virtual ATC.
EasyFMC is provided with different look-and-feels that are supposed to handle the different ways of using an FMC, especially
the differences between Airbus and Boeing philosophies. All the variations of EasyFMC provide the same main features, with
some slight differences explained in this manual.No need to install or update a navigation database, just use the one that you already have within Flight Simulator. EasyFMC uses the fs9/FSX GPS database. Unlike add-on navigation databases, this database is perfectly consistent with the virtual world you are flying in, there is no possible discrepancy between the database and the navaids and airports that are modeled in the simulator, even if add-on sceneries are installed.
The GPS provided in Flight Simulator since FS2004 is a great addition as it provides graphical flight plan display and lateral navigation. It perfectly fits the light aircrafts such as Cessna, Mooney… but it is not very realistic in a Boeing 747. This is where EasyFMC comes into play. It provides the same navigation features as the embedded GPS system but it is presented in a much more realistic way, with an FMC like in real airliners.
For an optimal experience, EasyFMC should be used in an aircraft panel that includes a flight plan display, such as the Airbus A321 or the Boeing 737-800 in FSX. Any flight plan modification is visible in real-time on the display.
EasyFMC is mainly designed for airliners and business jets but you can use it with any aircraft. An application is included in the package to automate the installation of EasyFMC in any existing panel. No need to edit the panel.cfg, this application will do it for you. If the GPS display is also used in the panel, any flight plan modification operated in EasyFMC is immediately visible on this display.
EasyFMC provides the same features with different skins, aka Look-and-Feels. It can be integrated elegantly in many aircrafts, such as Airbus, Boeing, Canadair, Embraer, Business Jets, ... Other look-and-feels will certainly be available in the future.



Not only EasyFMC increases the realism of the flight planning, it also provides additional features that the standard GPS system does not have. It lets you create a complete flight plan from scratch, defining the departure and destination airports and the waypoints of the route. You can update the flight plan at any time, adding or deleting waypoints during the flight is now possible. You can even operate a realistic DIRECT operation, which consists in flying directly to a waypoint of your route to make the flight shorter (this can be done by ATC* if there is no other traffic ).
In addition to navigation features, EasyFMC provides other features to make your flight easier: VOR and NDB names can be entered instead of frequencies (EasyFMC will tune the frequency for you), arrival ILS frequency and course can be set automatically.
The EasyFMC package includes:
the EasyFMC gauge itself, ready to be integrated in any aircraft panel
the EasyFMC Panel Updater utility, which automatically updates the panel file to integrate EasyFMC full documentation

System requirements