TaD - Travelling by steam


TaD - Travelling by steam

Trains and Drivers

Steam and the Woodhead line - sometimes a hard job. Steep climbs and heavy freights. Our scenariopack brings the 1950s back to the Woodhead: on steam! Drive passenger runs, TPO services and freight trains or do some shunting jobs. Six scenarios + a bonus scenario await you!



Scenarios and handbook in english and german - download version
Woodhead II - Manchester evening express
You will drive an express passenger service from Sheffield to Manchester. It´s a rainy day, but this should be a run without complications.
Woodhead II - A goods pilots duties I
Todays shift starts with a little shunting work. You are assembling an outgoing freight train that will be going to Wath this evening.
Woodhead II - A goods pilots duties II
The yardmaster informes you that a train was placed at Broadbottom by fault. You have to pick it up and deliver it to Woodhead as soon as possible.
Woodhead II - Empties to Neepsend
Today you are working at Deepcar and on the Stockbridge branchline. There are some empties that need to return to Neepsend. Assemble your train first, then head out to Neepsend where the scenario ends.
Woodhead II - TPO to Sheffield I
You are taking over a travelling post office (TPO) service at Wath. First part of the run will end in Penistone. The climb up to Penistone is very steep, so keep an eye on your steam usage.
Woodhead II - TPO to Sheffield Pt II
Second part of the scenario: Pinestone´s station pilots prepared the train for the second leg of the run. You will be taking the TPO to Sheffield with one stop at Deepcar to load/unload. There´s a delayed train running before you, so expect some yellow and maybe red signals.
Woodhead II - The Dunting stopper
Starting at Manchester you will be taking a stopping service to Dunting, where another crew will take over. It is a nice winter day, so enjoy the scenery.

System requirements

Trainsimulator 2013
Black 5 default engine
Woodhead Line (STEAM)
V2 steam engine (STEAM) optional, all scenarios will work without the V2, a seperate installer is included in the download)