TaD - Donner Pass

TaD - Donner Pass

Trains & Drivers

Experience a day on the Donner Pass: Starting with putting your train together, you will haul it down the whole route in the next four scenarios. The last scenario takes you into the cab of a F7 engine, driving a passenger service through a bad storm.All scenarios are between 40 and 90 minutes long, with an average difficulty level of medium.



TaD - Donner Pass - 1: Putting It Together (hard, 90 mins)
You will start your shift by putting together an outgoing train.You will be assembling a consist to be taken west later on.
TaD - Donner Pass - 2: Take it to Truckee (medium, 60mins)
You will be taking the consist you built previously and take it as far as Truckee where you will take your break before moving on. Head out when ready.
TaD - Donner Pass - 3: Keep It Moving (medium,90mins)
You will be taking the consist as far as Emigrant Gap where you will check your load and then take your break before moving on.
TaD - Donner Pass - 4: Almost There (medium, 70mins)
You will continue the jorney as far as Colfax.
TaD - Donner Pass - 5: The final Leg (medium, 45mins)
You will be taking the load to it's final destination in Roseville Yard.
TaD - Donner Pass - 6: Colfax for Christmas (medium, 70mins)
You are making the last run of the night to Colfax. There is a bad storm brewing and your passengers want to get home safely to their families.

System requirements

Trainsimulator 2013
Donner Pass
US Community Asset Pack (klick for details)
Note on the US Commnity Asset Pack: If you have RailWorks or Train Simulator 2012, you already have the contents of this pack.

If you believe you require the US Community Asset Pack, please note that it is included free of charge with the following add-ons: Cajon Pass, West Coast Mainline North, Ohio Steel 2, Cologne Dusseldorf, Portland Terminal, Portsmouth Direct Line, Bristol to Exeter, Northeast Corridor, Rascal and Cottonwood, Colton and Northern, Fort Kent to Eagle Lake.