3 CS 757 McPhat repaint package. Save $14.34

3 CS 757 McPhat repaint package. Save $14.34


Captain Sim needs no introduction as it is known for its high quality add-ons, but also for the work they did for the Microsoft Flightsimulator X official expansion pack. After Coolsky and Flight1, Captain Sim -not the least when it comes to high quality repaints-, is the second developer that sees a bright future in the Ultra High Definition Textures (UHDT) we make her at McPhat Studios.

Their Boeing add-on and repaints, already in the highest regions, when it comes to detail and quality will be revamped by our Texture Artists. A completely new, from the ground up build UHDT kit will make sure the CS 757 will not only be the most detailed Boeing model on the market, but will also have the most detailed repaints for any commercial airliner available for Flightsimulator X and Flightsimulator 2004.

We deliver you high quality aircraft repaints and stunning liveries


Five (5) Ultra High Definition Texture sets for Captain Sim's 757. With a pixel per meter ratio of 283, these textures are by FACT the most detailed produced textures -produced for an airliner- in the entire history of Flight Simulator. Period.

For you to compare : The stock Captain Sim 757 textures sport 70px/m, while Qualitywings' 757 'retires' at 61 px/m and PSS' 757 doesn't make it past 40 px/m.

Making HD textures is not about blowing up the existing ones, times four. That would be like blowing up a 1 Megapixel photo times 8 and calling it a photo shot with a 8MP camera, or like watching a normal definition movie on a HD television, and calling it a High Definition movie. There for we build the entire kit, from the ground up, and not only for the diffuse map, but also for the specular and bump map, hereby making sure a rivet looks like a rivet, and not an apple sized bump, that scratches, look like scratches and not like grooves and that decals are fully readable and not a blurry mess...

With 283 px/m, you will see the sharpest, tightest textures available today, with all three maps, working together in unison. So where paint is chipped off on the diffuse map, you will see a different kind of glossiness, but also a different kind of reflectivity as the material and structure of the underlying metal is different than that from the painted layer. All this topped off, with a bump map that will actually show the paint chipped off as if it is 3D.

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