3 LDS McPhat repaint package. Save $16.77

3 LDS McPhat repaint package. Save $16.77


Six (6) High Definition Texture sets for the awesome Level-D 767-300 (FSX), the best Boeing 767 you can get! With a p/m ratio of 193, these textures are four times as detailed as the liveries made with the Level-D 767-300 stock paintkit.

Making HD textures doesn't mean enlarging up the existing textures and be done with it. That would be like blowing up a 2 Megapixel photo times 8 and calling it a photo shot with a 8Megapixel camera, or like watching a normal definition movie on a HD television, and calling it a High Definition movie. No, we build the entire kit, from A to Z, and not only for the diffuse map, but also for the specular and bump map, making sure a rivet looks like a rivet, and not an fist sized apple, that scratches, look like scratches and not like World War I trenches and that decals are fully readable and not a big blurry mess...

Not only from up close, but also from a far, the difference in quality is very much notiecable. Glosiness and reflectivity follow the contours of the depresseded panels, the dented skin and rivets. Windows reflect differently than the fuselage, bare metal and polished metal looks, reflects and 'feels' differently from those parts painted. The differences are huge, but again... pictures say more than a 1000 words, so go ahead and see for yourself.

With 193 px/m, you will see the sharpest, most detailed textures for the Level-D 767-300 available, bringing it up to par with today's standards and ahead of it's main competitors. All maps are build from the ground up, not only the diffuse, but also the specular and bump map. So where paint is chipped off on the diffuse map, you will see a different kind of glossiness, but also a different kind of reflectivity as the material and structure of the underlying metal is different than that from the painted layer. All this topped off, with a bump map that will actually show the paint chipped off as if it is 3D.




System requirements

Level-D 767-300X (does not work for the FS2004 version!)
Windows - Windows XP SP2, Vista
Processor - 1.6 Gz Single Core processor
Memory - 2 Gb
Video Card - 256MB
Free space - 811MB