3 PMDG MD11 McPhat repaint package. Save $14.34

3 PMDG MD11 McPhat repaint package. Save $14.34


Precision Manuals Development Group, better known as PMDG released their long awaited MD-11 for Flightsimulator 2004 and X in October 2008. As always, system and model-wise they delivered a top notch job. As with the 737 and 747, a must have for every flightsimmer ; a real tribute to a plane once far ahead of her time. While -at time of writing- only KLM still operates the MD-11 in passenger configuration, many still soar through the skies, as freighters. Perhaps the MD-11 was not the most popular plane with operators around the world, one could say it has a big, loyal, almost fanatic fanbase.

Here at McPhat Studios, it was apparent from the start ; PMDG's MD-11 was going to be the plane we would love to get our hands on and give the (in?)famous 'McPhat One-Two'. Not just repaints for your flightsim, but a complete new set of textures, build from the ground up, at High Definition. Something users and customers have come to expect from our studios.
High level of detail (HDT)
While other developers gave us the possibility to utilize 200+ px/m (some even close to 400px/m) High Definition Kits, so we could release Ultra High Definition repaints (UHDT), PMDG's 37 px/m stock mapping, let us 'only' go as far as 145 px/m on a High Definition level.

As 145 px/m is more than 100 px/m, but less than 199 px/m, we dubbed these textures the High Definition Textures (HDT). Nonetheless, HDT or UHDT, it will do this majestic plane the justice it deserves.


Seven (7) High Definition Texture sets for PMDG's highly acclaimed MD-11. With a pixel per meter ratio of 145, these textures are four times as detailed as the liveries made by PMDG. We can talk all we want, throwing around fancy words and marketing terms, but best is to just check out the comparison shots.

Making HD textures is not about blowing up the existing ones, times four. That would be like blowing up a 1 Megapixel photo times 8 and calling it a photo shot with a 8MP camera, or like watching a normal definition movie on a HD television, and calling it a High Definition movie. There for we build the entire kit, from the ground up, and not only for the diffuse map, but also for the specular and bump map, hereby making sure a rivet looks like a rivet, and not an fist sized rock, that scratches, look like scratches and not like grooves and that decals are fully readable and not a blurry mess...

Not only from up close, but also from a far, the difference in quality is notiecable. Glosiness and reflectivity follow the contours of the depresseded panels, the dented skin and rivets. Windows reflect differently than the fuselage, bare metal and polished metal looks, reflects and 'feels' differently from those parts painted. The differences are huge, but again... pictures say more than a 1000 words, so go ahead and see for yourself.

With 145 px/m, you will see the sharpest, most detailed textures for the PMDG MD-11, available today, with all three maps, working together in unison. So where paint is chipped off on the diffuse map, you will see a different kind of glossiness, but also a different kind of reflectivity as the material and structure of the underlying metal is different than that from the painted layer. All this topped off, with a bump map that will actually show the paint chipped off as if it is 3D




System requirements