Kamov Ka-26 (FS9)

Kamov Ka-26 (FS9)

Nemeth Design Development Group

The Ka-26, designed at the beginning of the sixties, is built for maximum simplicity and versatility as a "lifting system" consisting of the powerplant, contra-rotating rotor assembly, cabin, landing gear and twin endplate fin tail unit.

Loads and containers of various kinds can be installed immediately behind the cabin, beneath the rotors: a pod for six passengers, an open platform, tanks for liquid or solid insecticides or other products, and spray bars for agricultural use. A variant for geophysical survey is equipped with an electromagnetic pulse generator in the cabin and a big hoop antenna outside. Thanks to its compactness and stability, the Ka-26 can operate from small platforms and has been fitted with floats and used for fish-spotting.The Ka-26 went into service on a large scale in 1970 and has been exported for both civil and military use.

The Ka-26 was used by some Warsaw Pact armies in light dessant role, but its slow speed (travelling speed 150 km/h) and vulnerability limits its military use. It is, however, eminently useful for cropdusting. The coaxial main rotor configuration, which makes the Ka-26 small and agile, also results in a delicate airflow pattern under the helicopter, providing a thorough yet mild distribution of chemicals onto the plants. The Ka-26 is often used to spray grape farms in Hungary.

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•Passenger transport
•Agricultural-utility (with sprayer system)
•Accurate and detailed interior and exterior models
•Reflective textures
•Interior and exterior lights
•2D panels and full clickable 3D virtual cockpit
•Animated parts (doors, pilots, switches, attitude indicator in VC, etc.)
•Custom animations
•Realistic flight dynamics tested by real Ka-26 pilot
•Working sprayer device in utility version

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