Southern - Florida

Southern - Florida

Real World Scenery

Photo real scenery for the whole southern half of the state of Florida - from Sarasota across the state to Ft. Pierce and south, all the way to Key West - high definition for incredible views from inside and out of the aircraft. There's nothing like flying over the real ground! Realworld scenery takes you there!

Major cities: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Boca Raton, Sarasota, West palm beach, Homestead and all the Keys.

This is an instant download. After purchase you will be given a link to download the files. After download simply unzip the .zip file and extract to where you have FSX installed ...putting the files in the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X.../addon scenery/scenery" - start FSX and Fly! This scenery product is also compatible with FSX steam and Prepar3D.

This scenery includes winter textures - so you will see snow on the ground if your season in the simulator is set to winter months. Florida rarely gets much snowfall but it does happen and we want to make that a possibility for your simming experience. We do not include night lighting, but if you use FTX global, you can enable the night lighting feature of that program and you will have some limited lighting. All airports ARE fully lighted.
There are several reasonably priced night lighting add-ons made specifically for photo-scenery night flying that will work flawlessly with realworld scenery.

Many photo-real scenery users only use the photo-real scenery while flying in the daytime, dusk and dawn. The quick and simple way to change between FTX Global (or FSX default) and realworld sceney is to: 1. create a new folder in the hard drive FSX is installed in, named "realworld scenery files" 2. open 2 windows explorer windows side by side - navigate to your "addon scenery/scenery" under FSX in one window, and have your new folder you just created open in the other window. 3. highlight all the "Area_Lp1....Bgl" files in /scenery and simply drag them to the new folder "realworld senery files" in the other window. This temporarilly removes the photosceney layer and allows the default FSX scenery or FTX Global to be seen.

Opinions from our team---- Most often you may not want to use realworld scenery if youre flying in completely pitch black dark and youre not on a flight plan, and "if" you have FTX Global installed. Kudos to the the Orbx team for great night lighting, but overall, But there is a realistic aspect to this...most pilots flying at night are going to be on a flight plan - not looking out the windows, and dont need lit up farm fields to know where they are. Flying with realworld scenery at night will test your skills to thier max without seeing anything on the ground, except lights from distant airports, to use for navigation. If you want a real challenge, and honestly _very realistic_ fly at night with our scenery! your navigation skills will improve from it!

WATER AREAS - Some things to note: FSX DOES NOT draw every river and lake as in reality. This is limiting in that we try to judge which lakes rivers..etc will be seen as water and which ones won't. There are places where the terrain can be seen where there should be water. We try to judge which water areas to enable based on landing a float plane, and the length needed to do so. But as you will see, we try to be perfect in our selections but we are limited by the original perameters of FSX.

Note on FTX GLOBAL: We've noticed that FTX Global is even less detailed in drawing water areas that the original default scenery. It is our suggestion that you disable FTX scenery if you have Realworld scenery installed in the same area to allow MORE FSX water to be seen. There are places where it will be quite noticable. One aspect of this is that you will see an increase in FPS. Scenery in FSX is very open to diffrent configurations, so we suggest you play with the settings and see what works best for you.


Simply unzip/extract the .zip file (the numeric files included will only open with the main .zip file) extract all .bgl files to your ...addon scenery/scenery.. folder under Microsoft flight simulator X, wherever you may have it installed. Most often it will be found under Microsoft/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

After installation and verification of all files properly installed, it is recommended that you delete the downloaded zip files, as they are rather large. The only files you will need to use the scenery are the .bgls you've installed into the sim. Of course, to avoid having to download them all again, if you should have to reinstall or some other reason, It is advised to store the files somewhere other that your main folders or the drive you have your sim installed in. zip drives work well for this, or cloud storage if you have the space.

After Installation, at some point in time, you should run a defrag software, to insure your drives run at optimum speeds and will make loading the scenery alot smoother.

It is Also Highly recommended that you have your install of FSX on a separate hard drive, solely dedicated to the simulator. Many "hardcore" flight simmers will already know this. Currently with the price of very large hard drives available for a fraction of the price they once were, it is strongly suggested that you use this method to keep your flight sim running at its optimal performance levels. Plus you will need alot of hard drive space to store the scenery files, and it will make loading flights alot faster. One "2TB" hard drive should be sufficient, unless you can afford larger, which will drastically reduce any worries about running out of space to store your scenery. Bigger the better. A great investment if you are running out of hard drive space on your internal hard drives are external hard drives. The small portable ones are fine too. Ensure they are USB3 and plugged in via a USB3 port on your PC. You will get performance that rivals internal hard drives.

Just a note: here is a guide that every flight simmer should have, it will answer MANY questions about how to tweek your FSX.cfg files for optimal performance, DO NOT HESITATE TO READ THIS!!! copy and paste the following link into your browser. There is ALOT of information!!!



A few things to keep in mind

This is an electronic download and being that it is very large, may take a while to download depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

...And While This Scenery is quite large and WILL take awhile to download, but we believe we have created a product that is WORTH THE WAIT! We are sure you will agree!

If you are experiencing slow downloads you can try the following:

1. Restart your cable/DSL modem
2. Check with your ISP that your cable/DSL modem is functioning correctly.
3. Run a bandwidth speed test to check that your connection is running at the speed quoted by your ISP.
4. Disable any firewalls you may have active especially 3rd party firewalls that are added by any anti-virus/anti-spyware programs.
5. Disable any anti-virus/anti-spyware software OR restart your PC in "Safe Mode With Networking" (this will temporarily disable your antivirus software) and attempt to download.

If you have any questions comment concerns or complaints, please email the developers @

System requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (preferably running SP2 and/or Acceleration) or Prepar3D Version 1.XX or Prepar3D V2.XX
  • Windows 8 (any version), Windows 7 (any version), Vista (any version)/XP (any version).
  • 32 bit and 64 bit Windows are both fully supported. if you are running Windows 7 or Vista,please TURN OFF "USER ACCOUNT CONTROL". This feature of Win 7 & Vista can affect installation of a number of programs.
  • Any system capable of running Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • 1 Gb RAM as a minimum but we recommend 2 Gb or more.
  • Enough disk storage to hold the scenery, will vary upon how many areas you have installed