Tower! 2011 has shown us that air traffic controlling can be a real challenging task for the uninitiated. It is definitely a good niche simulation


Apps on Tapp

The graphics look great on the iPad. Everything has a retro feel to it, but it all fits so nicely together.


Rock Paper Shotgun

“Tower! is not for casual gamers. First you need to read the manual, and then teach your computer the speech commands. This takes time. But the players who have gone through the learning curve realize what a difference it makes. If you want authentic simulation experience, and love complex and rich simulations, then you might be surprised what our game has to offer.”


Simflight -Tower! 2011 review

Once I got into the swing of things, I could see if you were that way inclined, then Tower 200 could become extremely addictive and take over your life... Tower 2011 with only its top-down view of the airports looks like it is a simple game but when you start using the complex airports at the busiest times you soon realise that, it is quite complicated and powerful... Having said that the pricing structure is reasonable for what you get, and many people will get pleasure from playing Tower 2011.


Simflight top award - Embraer Regional Jets (ERJ v.2) - Airbus Series Vol.1

"...Conclusion: On the whole, a great flightsim add-on aircraft and one I have no regrets about the purchase.
I love the feel of the aircraft and the sound set is good too. I definitely prefer the Pilot in Command to the PSS model, but the textures on the PSS are in my opinion superior. Make sure to read the manual beforehand as it includes important information and also balance the aircraft correctly before you fly it. ..."



Micro Simulateur magazine - E-Jets series

"Incontestablement, cette collection E-Jets est un bon cru : la réalisation 3D, l'ambiance à bord et le haut niveau technologique des systèmes de vol invitent tous les pilotes, débutants comme confirmés, à prendre les commandes..."

Avsim - Citation X

"This is an excellent simulation of the Citation X, with enjoyable flight dynamics and a jet-setting appearance, coupled with in-depth system simulations, weather radar, and wonderful sounds."

Link B-737

"FeelThere have taken a complex aircraft and realistically rendered it for the flight simulation world. What tops off the first class design & flight characteristics is that the aircraft contains all the technical details for the profis, while at the same time being straightforward enough for the newcomers"


Fly UK Virtual Airways - Caravan!

"The feelThere Caravan! payware aircraft is something that cannot be beaten by any competitor selling the Cessna Caravan"


Avsim - ERJ 145

"Far exceeds natural progression"
"You are going to find yourself sitting behind one of the most complete simulations..."
" get is a system that operates basically 100% like the real life..."
"While the Feelthere name is a relative newcomer to the flight simulation scene they have really shown their skill at creating an aircraft simulation that can stand head to head with the best available..."
Reviewed by Zane Gard, Jr