FeelThere’s simulation products are well known and used by pilots, companies, students and individuals from around the world. One of the most realistic and advanced, yet affordable ATC simulation technology for gamification opportunity for students and instructors.

We partner with professionals and instructors of air traffic control in order to produce the best experience not just for gaming, but for training purposes also, with the intention to implement gamification in ATC training. Continuous innovation that defines FeelThere, and to provide affordable solutions.

Headquartered in California, but as a global business our team consists of employees and contractors working in the United States, Central Europe and Asia.

Tower! Simulator 3 is an Air traffic Control Simulation game and software already used by the Department of Aviation of Hampton University (http://aviation.set.hamptonu.edu/) as a stand alone simulator for Windows PC. It allows students and instructors to practice in various environments, scenarios, with multiple view positions and even sectors to control by voice. It produces exercises dedicated to the practice of speaking to pilots with its unique voice recognition feature. Checks the commands said by the student, performs the relevant read-back and makes the situation evolve like a simulator would.

All of these exercises can be performed either locally at the schools positions made available to students, or remotely by giving access to students for home use and practice.

To find out how FeelThere’s ATC simulation technology and solutions can benefit your business or school, please email us directly at training@feelthere.com. Commercial or educational use of our software is restricted by our EULA (End User License Agreement), therefore if you wish to use any of our ATC products in connection with your business or educational body you need to obtain a commercial licence. We are open to discuss and provide a tailored quote depending on your requirements.

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