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LAX scenery MSFS

The famous LAX airport for MSFS by FeelThere

The fantastic city of Los Angeles not only brings together great artists and movie stars, it also has one of the most famous airports in the world. LAX airport for MSFS by FeelThere is one of those must have sceneries.

hampton logo

FeelThere ATC Software in University Education

It is our goal from now on to reach more institutions and provide our valuable contribution in post to train more and better professionals prepared for the challenges of the aviation industry.

Learning through play – gamification in aviation

Critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving are some of the required skills and must be incorporated by the professionals of the future. Future pilots and Air Traffic Controllers are part of the “digital generation” and have a different way of thinking, processing information and learning.

KRDU MSFS scenery

The simulator for better ATC training

Simulator training is an efficient and effective solution, as they position the student in front of any scenario without major risks and minimizing costs.

desktop app

Portal! by FeelThere

The fastest way to manage your FeelThere products!

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