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[LEBL] – Barcelona – El Prat Airport by Nyerges Design – Tower! Simulator 3

El Prat International Airport (LEBL) graces the landscape southwest of Barcelona, Spain, representing a pivotal point in the nation’s air travel network. Positioned as one of Spain’s busiest airports, El Prat is a dynamic nexus, facilitating the seamless flow of passengers within a vibrant aviation ecosystem.

This airport plays host to a diverse array of airlines, with a particular emphasis on low-cost carriers and domestic flights. Its strategic location contributes to its prominence, offering a central point for efficient connections and ensuring swift mobility for passengers traveling both regionally and internationally.

The airport’s infrastructure is marked by three runways, with a cross runway complemented by two parallel counterparts. This configuration enhances the precision and speed of take-offs and landings, showcasing El Prat’s commitment to operational efficiency.

Terminals at El Prat International Airport are thoughtfully organized, featuring two main terminals as central hubs for passenger services. Terminal 1 (T1), positioned to the west, has been operational since 2009 and boasts modern facilities. On the northern side, Terminal 2 (T2) comprises subterminals A, B, and C, strategically placed to streamline passenger traffic and optimize overall functionality.


* Detailed custom buildings with highly detailed textures

* Runway boards

* Crystal clear and realistic ground markings

* Dynamic lighting

* Beautiful background scenery


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System Requirements

You need to obtain Tower! Simulator 3 base game in order to install and run this add-on!

♦ Online registration is required

♦ Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

♦ OS: Windows 10 or 11

♦ Memory: 8 GB RAM

♦ Graphics: 4GB VRAM or more

♦ Storage: 50GB available space or more

♦ To use voice recognition, you will need to use a headset or built in microphone

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