Announcing the new Developer Blog for Tower! Simulator 3 by FeelThere

We are excited to reveal the biggest development of 2021, and introduce a new generation to the amazing industry of aviation and air traffic control. Since our last upgrade back in 2017, when we released Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro, we’ve come a long way to announce that this year we are developing the next Tower! Simulator 3.

This is not just an update or fix. This new version will leave you shocked! Designed to allow aviation fans, enthusiasts, ATC students and anyone interested in air traffic control to play and practice controlling from their living room.

This new version could showcase some of the cutting-edge technology we’ve been working on, including ultra high-res imagery, completely rewritten weather system. We’ll be offering this version as a training tool for Universities, students and air traffic control centers. By continuously receiving feedback from professionals, such as our partner the Department of Aviation of Hampton University, will ensure a very high level of simulation.

We will regularly give you updates during the development introducing new images and features, so keep checking back on our news site or sign up to FeelThere’s newsletter below.

June 2021

Overall, we’re excited to see new users take up simming with the new Tower! Simulator 3 as well as take our current controllers on a journey of discovery, with great content!

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